The LARGE Wild Garden Gift Sack

The LARGE Wild Garden Gift Sack

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With The Wild Garden Large Sack you receive:

A large hessian sack filled with the perfect combination of food and treats designed to help the wildlife in the garden. Minimum of 8 items per sack which vary according to the season. Click here to find out what is included this month.

Why A Wild Garden Sack?

To Improve: Watch and listen as the natural beauty of wildlife not only improves but flourishes in your local area.

To Relax: When we help wildlife we not only improve their lives but ours to. There is good reason why sound experts now suggest listening to birdsong for 5 minutes a day...

To Learn: The sack provides an ideal wildlife educational experience for us all but maybe more importantly for children. Inspiring them to care for their natural world and to become the custodians of these areas in the future.

To Engage: Participation in a hobby such as bird feeding can be an excellent catalyst for engagement in greater levels of outdoor recreation and greater stewardship of the natural world.