The Ideal Gift Sack for Bird & Wildlife Lovers

The Wild Sacks are filled with food and treats to help birds and other wildlife species this winter.

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The Wild Sacks

How Do The Sacks Work?

A Bird or Wildlife Sack...

filled with the perfect combination of food and treats designed to help wildlife in the UK.

Everybody Benefits...

as they will love the shelter and food you have provided. You will love the watching a garden packed full of colour and wildlife.


Got my Wild Garden Sack, put Dried Hedgehog food in a plastic try, & at 11:20 on Monday night , Bingo , in my Wildflower garden I could hear crunching, put torch on my phone on, a rustling at my feet.. I froze, & there was a nice fat Hedgehog..! So thanks for that & birds really liking the feed & suet , been a busy garden, I'm thrilled.


I love my garden even more now! I received a Wild Garden Sack over the summer. Now the garden is flourishing in everyway and so wonderful to see all kinds of creatures enjoying it too.